Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wondercon, Day 3: I Left My Heart in SF

As we head to the final day of Wondercon 2012, it's clear the Anaheim Convention Center has some advantages of being the home of Wondercon: Disneyland, hotels and some chain restaurants within walking distance.

There is one big drawback: from what I have heard, the shuttle between the con and Angels Stadium hasn't been as convenient as people thought. It's faster than the county bus, but still a problem if you want to keep out of the rain, or just get to somewhere on time. Just like San Diego, there are big lines, especially for the movie panels. They had to make a few changes in the schedule so Charlize Theron could plug Prometheus and Snow White and the Huntsman in the same panel. I still go to see this gal, though...

Emma Stone

Emma Stone, the once and future Gwen Stacy in Amazing Spider-Man. She was really cool, and got along well with Andrew Lincoln,. They also showed the trailer, and it will make you forget Toby Maguire. It's also a different origin story than the one we always known, and very good, too.

I also attended the Geek and Sundry panel plus the Cabin in the Woods showing,. Those will be elsewhere in the 'net.

Today should be interesting. Fans of Fringe, Community and Once Upon a Time are sure to pack the ballroom, along with Lost fans who want to see Jorge Garcia in the Alcatraz panel. It'll be different than last year, where two TV panels expressed hope they would have another season, but didn't. This year, Fringe may feel more confident about another season, while Alcatraz and Community are crossing their fingers. It all ends with Dr. Horrible, but Jane Espenson has her panel at the same time. I'll be taking that one.

On Monday I'll have my Disney CA Adventure pictures, including hula hoops of the future.

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