Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wondercon: Going South

So what's like moving Wondercon south while San Francisco's Moscone Center is under construction?

Well, when you're at a place which includes an arena next door, you have a very big place. It's still more isolated than the Moscone Center, despite also having Disneyland and way too many chain restaurants. While comics, sci-fi and fantasy fans wander around, a big volleyball tournament is being held. There's not much overlap, except here....

Proof Anaheim Convention Center is Big

The Last Airbender with a couple of volleyball-benders. Imagine that.

Also, we had three girls either dressed up for the Tardis Prom or a very interesting wedding...

It's the Tardis Prom!

and a guy dressed as Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. Now THIS is the candidate the Republicans really need. You know he'd use the axe for something other than killing the undead. He might aim that towards certain media pundits, and serve those Tea Party guys some real wisdom.

What the Republican Party really needs

I did see this three-D picture of the Firefly cast. Looks great...

Firefly picture in 3-D

As far as swag is concerned, not much has been given out yet, although Naruto has been giving out teriyaki. More should be available soon.

As I said before, I somehow got a ticket to the Cabin in the Woods showing tonight. To make it clear, I'll be really vague about the story. I will comment on the performances, and whether any of the scenes could have been converted to 3-D but not ruin the movie. Then, I'll reveal what Joss and Drew Goddard said in the post-movie discussion. I'll also show that I still have some of those mini-posters from three years ago. I'll probably be one of eight people. Someone must have brought back those posters.

Later on, I'll have a post on my four hours or so at California Adventure. I needed more, plus a park hopper ticket to Disneyland. I'll consider it if I can get more discount tickets. It is a great place at night, though.

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