Sunday, February 8, 2009

Is the Dollhouse the ultimate male fantasy?

Well, not exactly just male....

Joss Whedon arrived at NY Comic-Con to show the public the first ten minutes of Dollhouse (although I've seen it all already, and have even hidden a detailed summary somewhere in the web). Of course, the fans are very intrigued about the show and what it's all about.

But according to a recent article in io9, I'm beginning to figure out that Dollhouse is really Fantasy Island gone horribly wrong...or maybe a brothel that promises more than just sex. At least some people may think so.
Yes, I am saying the Actives are, in a way, prostitutes. They're bought by the rich and powerful to do a job that may or not involves sex. It's safe to say Echo's main engagement in the premiere is not sexy. Her look could be. Anyway, Joss says as much that it wouldn't be too surprising if the Actives are used by people who want to sexually experiment. Take a look...

On this show, people's personalities are being completyely overwritten. When someone hires an (A)ctive, what they're basically doing is hiring somebody for an experience that absolutely nobody in the world will ever know about including the person that you went through it with...If you don't think that at least a third of the people who hire Actives are not bi-curious, you're naive.

If that's the case, racy photos of Echo in the Dollhouse web site wouldn't be a surprise. I wonder if it's part of the Active Corporation's, er, catalog?
However, as he said on NPR, this is really about a girl who gives up her identity to be anyone, except her true self. We should care because, eventually, she is going to remember her past "engagements", and try to determine who she really is. Naturally, the Active Corporation will be deeply against that because it may be the end of them. We'll see about that.

Dollverse, a new website on the show, has clips from the show, and some info on Joss's and Talmoh Penikett's appearances at NY Comic-Con. Sadly, Eliza Dushku wasn't there because she's preparing for two talk show appearances in New York. It was supposed to be three, but she was bumped off David Letterman's show by the cover girl for this week's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.
You know, Eliza could have been the cover girl...easily!!

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