Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wondercon is coming

The schedule for Wondercon in San Francisco is now online. Just click here to see the whole schedule.

As expected, there will be panels on Star Trek and Watchmen which should be the two biggest panels. Both will be on Saturday the 28th, and promise BIG guests. If I am lucky, I would like to go to the Watchmen panel.

As expected, the grand finale will be "Once More With Feeling" on Sunday. However, no panel for Dollhouse or Dr. Horrible. They will be saved for the Paley Fest. There will be panels for shows with Whedon connections, especially Chuck and Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. However, at least for now, not too many actors will be available for the convention. That may make sense because they're busy finishing the current seasons. We'll still hear from the showrunners, though. There's also the comic panels for IDW and Dark Horse, and they'll have some mention of Buffy and Angel-connected titles.

However, there is Felicia Day, Slayer, gamer, violist, and just might be the Lucille Ball of internet comedy. She'll be at the CA Browncoats booth on the 28th to meet with the fans. This also comes just after season 2 of The Guild is done. I'm sure she'll get lots of questions about that, Dr. Horrible and more. She's also bound to check out some of the video game panels, too.

I was kind of hoping there would be a panel for Castle, Nathan Fillion's new show. I just hope it is better than the promos and the three-minute trailer I saw a while ago. They just better make Stana Katic's character less resentful of his assistance. Making a show that's a combination of Moonlighting and Bones doesn't mean it's a good idea. Besides, maybe the audience will like Nathan and hate Stana because they know more about him than her. We shall see.

I have to admit it...I miss my first Wondercon in 2005 when Joss Whedon brought more info on Serenity, as well as some of the cast. It was the year I got two autographs from him, and saw him up close when he visited a screening of "Objects in Space." Those were the days.

However, to those awaiting Star Trek, Watchmen or even Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, this will be their big year...as it should be. Then again, the great thing about last year was seeing Anne Hathaway plug Get Smart the day before the Oscars, which she also attended. That's serious plugging.

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