Thursday, February 5, 2009

Joss talks Dollhouse, movies and THOSE pictures

So, anyone think Joss Whedon knows about those pictures Eliza Dushku made to get people to watch Dollhouse on Friday nights?

You bet! In fact, in a conference call covered by Twitter fans and io9, it's all part of the overall vision of the show. In the "engagements" that Echo and the other Actives will be in, sex is part of the mission. That is true from the start, as most people will see soon. As Eliza says...

Dushku was adamant that whatever TV show she made next should address sexuality, "not just by virtue of being all hot, but by talking about sexuality: why it drives us and how it works." One of the show's goals is to "get the audience to ask what of their desire is acceptable, and what is creepy. In order to ask that we had to go to kind of a creepy place," says Whedon. "We may have crossed the line."

Considering cable has been doing that a lot lately, why not Fox, which was its original mission more than 20 years ago. The rest of the interview from io9 can be found by clicking this link. It also has info on what else will be on the show, and Joss' upcoming movie, Cabin in the Woods. Also, we learn a Buffy movie is a pipe dream, but more Dark Horse comics starring our Slayer is a total lock. That will keep the comic book economy healthier than most banks.

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