Friday, February 13, 2009

A Tale of Two Talk Shows

Before we start, here's what the opening credits for Dollhouse look like...

The last time Eliza Dushku was on a talk show was last August, firing a bow and arrow while plugging a new movie and TV show on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It was said some people found Eliza very attractive while firing a few arrows at a target.

Six months later, Eliza was busy again, promoting her new show, Dollhouse, on the talk show circuit. It was hoped she'd appear on David Letterman, but that was postponed. So, she spent Lincoln's birthday visiting Regis and Kelly in the morning, and Conan O'Brien at night.

It's not unusual for an actor to appear on several shows throughout the week, plugging a new movie. Eliza, however, did two shows, and also Howard Stern. I thought it would be interesting to compare her two TV appearances. What they did have in common is that she looked great, talked about how she used to be a tomboy, gave the classic "lunch with Joss" story and explained what Dollhouse was all about.

Before she appeared on Regis and Kelly, Regis Philbin said that Eliza's role was working in "an illegal Secret Service group." She later explained the true premise of the show. She wore a modest but attractive red dress to the show. She revealed she finished third among all celebrity entrants in the Malibu Triathlon. Eliza admitted she was surprised to find out how well she did while digging into some post-race waffles. She also said that training for Dollhouse may have helped her performance in the race. That was followed by a clip from the pilot, where Echo enters a room that she should not be in.

Her appearance on Conan O'Brien was more free-wheeling. Here, she wore a sexy blue spangly dress that excited Conan and the crowd. She even referred to the dress as "she". Then she went on about how busy she was with Dollhouse and how she's been able to relax by learning chess with her godfather. She apparently plays at a nightclub he owns at Hollywood and Vine. She also bought some Verbal Advntage tapes, which she uses to ease her road rage. However, it's taught her some new phrases to yell out at bad drivers, such as "Cretin, remove yourself from my trajectory." Seems like she's turned into an Ivy League NASCAR driver.

She also urged the crowd to watch Dollhouse, and keep watching it. "Joss is really like a novelist," she says. "He needs chapters to go, and we have 13 shows, and it gets better and better. The party gets so good, you guys." She also estimates she's played 38 personalities through the 13 shows they've made.

It's not quite the same as shooting arrows, but Eliza is doing her best to get people to visit the Dollhouse every Friday. Now, it's up to the episodes themselves.
Still, you have to wonder how Joss would do at a talk show. He'd have fun with Craig Ferguson, and would really be great on Real Time with Bill Maher. So would Eliza...or Sarah Michelle Gellar. She ought to drop by Jimmy Fallon's new show to help him settle in. Just saying.

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