Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is Hugh Hefner behind Dollhouse's promo pix?

It sure seems that way. Just look at the new section from Fox's Dollhouse website, called the Echo Chamber.

Not only does it have haunting music that had better be the theme song, it has the sexiest photos of Eliza Dushku you'll see anywhere. They are making the rounds on the Internets, but here's some of the examples. This is with the help of Defamer, by the way...

The Chamber has even racier examples that are even too hot for Page 3 or wherever they put the cheesecake photos on the London Sun. Fox figures that sex appeal will really get people to watch Dollhouse either on Friday night or anytime on the weekend if they DVR the show. I hope Fox also has confidence in the stories the show will present every week. That, rather than skin, is what really counts.

Still, the name of the game is getting people to their TVs on Fridays rather than go out and see embarrassing rom-com at their local theater. This means you, New in Town...and The Proposal in four months. That explains this promo that shows Eliza and Summer Glau in the Grindhouse sequel Quentin Tarantino must be considering if he ever saw this ad.

It's interesting, but I also remember Fox's ads for Firefly, and how they didn't really show what the program was all about.

Well, Eliza will soon play the role of talk show guest next week, as she appears on Letterman, Conan, and Regis and Kelly. While her wardrobe won't be as racy, it should be interesting how she approaches each show. Remember, she was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last summer, doing a little target practice with a bow and arrow. I'm guessing we won't see that again, or maybe we could on Conan. It'll happen on his next-to-last week, after all.

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